MTU organized the 2022 CAREER DAY

Skopje, May 26, 2022 – With the participation of 27 private companies, the Employment Agency, the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development, and the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, today, for the MTU students, the 2022 Career Day fair took place.

Rector of MTU, lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph..D., welcomed the numerous attendees and stated that MTU shall cooperate with its partners throughout the academic year, and the study programs shall be ad-justed according to the needs and requirements of the labor market.

All educational departments at the Mother Teresa University in Skopje are deficient in the labor mar-ket, while the students, especially the graduates, prepare for the real sector from the first years of study. “The idea for the creation of the fair was to establish the first contacts between the employers and the potential employees, and after a joint analysis with the respected business community, we shall design study programs,” stated the Rector Izet Zeqiri in front of the audience, adding that MTU shall be the most appropriate partner with the Business community.

The Executive Director of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia, Drilon Iseni, in his speech, stated that the largest companies from the chamber are present at the fair and that this very fact makes him immensely content. “As a Government–Academy–Business community triangle, we must intensify our cooperation, with the sole purpose of our common interest, to prevent the young from fleeing abroad, because every departure of the highly educated leaves a gap in the labor market,” stated Iseni.

The head of the Fund for Innovations and Technological Development, Festim Halili, explained to the students that, through various instruments, the Fund offers the opportunity for financial support for the development of business ideas and projects. Halili underlined that this type of face-to-face meeting provides more information about the real needs of the market.

At the 2022 Career Day, a project of the MTU Center for Career and Entrepreneurship, the following companies and institutions were showed their presence: FITR, EUROVIA,, the EM-PLOYMENT AGENCY, Veze Sharri, OEMVP, Eko Tehnika, NETING SCHOOL, FLUENT, HALK BANK, NEPTUN, EAST GATE, DAUTI SHPED, DAUTI KOMERC, EFTINIJA IMPEX, ALMA–M, TEMPO 99, BAO KOP, JUS-MB, Frukt Import, Adrijus, M-NAV A.D. Skopje, BE-DA Logistics, SMS Construction, MALIQI GROUP, Gemak Trade, and Support & Solutions Center MK.