Skopje, May 2022 – Within the professionalization and advancement of scientific and professional knowledge, at the Mother Teresa University in Skopje, at the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Traffic and Transport Engineering depart-ment, at the invitation of the associate professor Olivera Petrovska, Ph.D., profes-sor Andrija Novaković, a representative of 3M company for the production of traffic signals, gave a vocational lecture.

The lecture focused on vertical signaling and was on “Quality and Regulation of Traffic Signs”. At the lecture, the students were introduced in detail to the materials for the implementation of vertical signaling, the types of foils and factors that affect the perception of signaling, as well as the legislation.

During the lecture, the students had the opportunity to witness a practical part of the quality control of the traffic signs, i.e., measuring the retro-reflection and colorimetry of the traffic signs with the appropriate equipment, which was provided by the lecturer.