Skopje, 08.03.2023 – “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje and Innovation Center in Skopje, organized today the workshop on “Digital Skills”, where the methods for additional training during studies were presented to the students of IT and economic sciences, through the training offered by this center.

Rector Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., during his speech thanked the director of the Innovation Center in Skopje, Mr. Burim Sherifi and the CISCO trainer, Artan Hoti, for the cooperation with MTU.

Our aim is to train as many students as possible in computer and economic sciences and in this direction we intend to establish a professional school in the future in cooperation with the Innovative Center in Skopje, which will enable many young people to specialize in different study programs and have advantages in the labor market’, said Rector Zeqiri.

The director of the Innovative Center in Skopje, Mr. Burim Sherifi, said that this center is regional, and that a year ago it was also opened in Skopje, an office within the Academy. Burim Sherifi said that the benefits of completing the courses are numerous and have an impact on cyber security, the basics of Python programming, networking, enterprise security and automation, and network security.

CISCO (Computer Information System Company) trainer Artan Hoti said that the Cisco network connects people, computer devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information regardless of differences in time, place or type of computer system.

‘People who completed the CISCO (Computer Information System Company) quarterly courses, 84.9% of them are employed or have opened their own businesses, a total of 17.5 million people have been trained since 1997 in 190 countries of the world, in 29,300 different trainings. They are professionalized in the field of information technology’, said Hoti.

Based on the cooperation between MTU and CIS, MTU students will attend quarterly courses for free, otherwise the cost of attending these courses is 3700 euros.

The Balkan region is faced with a lack of staff in the field of computer science, which causes problems especially for foreign companies that decide to invest here, while on average you need 30 such staff.