Skopje, March 2023 – The University Student Assembly at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, through the voting process, constituted the new composition of the University Student Assembly.

The candidates for president of the University Student Assembly before the election commission led by the president Edita Arsllani, elaborated their programs in detail about their responsibilities. The two candidates for president Omer Hebib and Arbnor Maliqi, the candidate for Vice President, Hamzi Vila and the candidate for Secretary, Elmedina Kasami successfully presented their promising program in front of the members and the committee.

After the democratic and transparent election process, then followed the results where Omer Hebib was elected chairman of the University Student Assembly with 12 votes, while the opposite candidate Arbnor Maliqi managed to get 3 votes. Hamzi Vila was elected vice president with 15 votes, Elmedina Kasami was elected secretary of the University Student Assembly with 15 votes.

The voting process was also observed by the MTU staff coordinators, represented by two faculty secretaries, Nehar Aliu, Secretary of the Faculty of Construction and Architecture and Xhezmi Abdullahu, Secretary of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

After the election process, the Senate president of MTU, Lecturer Suzana Jordanovska, Ph. D., the Secretary General at MTU, Mrs. Mukadese Hajdari, as well as the Vice-Rector for Finance, Investments and Development, Dr. Bujamin Bela, Ph. D., wished success to the new President and the election working group of the University Student Assembly , as well as showed them support during their student challenges. Furthermore, they wished them to represent all MTU students in a dignified way.

At “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, since its foundation until today were held four election processes for the chair of the University Student Assembly.