Skopje, 21.03.2023 – On the occasion of the ‘Global Money Week 2023’, the ‘Mother Teresa’ University in Skopje, in coordination with the Coordinating Body for Financial Education, the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance, and the company Sava Pensione, today held lectures on financial education on the topic: ‘Plan your money, plant your future’ for students of various study programs of the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

In this lecture participated the Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Neritan Turkeshi Ph.D., and Bukurie Imeri Jusufi Ph.D. The representative of the Pension Society ‘Sava’ from Skopje, M.Sc. Ajet Rexhepi said that the idea of organizing the lecture is to discuss with students about personal finances, how to be smart when buying, saving, investing and insuring and how young people can prepare for the future and think about the pension they will receive.

Rexhepi presented to the students the three-pillar pension system in the country, the first mandatory pillar, which is managed by the state-owned Pension-Disability Fund, the second pillar, which is also mandatory and it is managed by private pension funds, and the third pillar which is managed by a private company, but is voluntary and enables you to build up private pension provision so that you can be secure in old age.

The pension is created from the first two pillars, while the money provided in the third pillar is all available to the person.

All these pillars and procedures are supervised by MAPAS, the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance, which protects the interests of retired members of pension funds and promote the development of capital financing of pension insurance due to safe retirement.

Rexhepi explained that the pension company Sava has over 255 thousand members, and its main goal is to create added value for the members of the funds they manage, protect their interests, provide security for their funds and create profit with relevant investment. The fund makes investments in foreign and local companies, while the four private pension companies together manage 2 milliard euros. MTU students will have the opportunity to have their practice in private pension insurance companies.