Skopje, 25.05.2023 – An open discussion on “Tech Talk” was held among professionals from IT industry in the premises of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, and it was organized for the students of the Faculty of Informatics.

The welcome speech was given by the Pro-Rector for Science and Research, Bekim Fetaji, Ph.D.

The coordinator of this open discussion was professor Fisnik Doko with the team members: Visar Zejnullahu, Visar Aziri, Fisnik Abdullai, Erenis Ramadani, Jeton Kadrija and Rilind Kaba, where they discussed about their stories of personal and scientific achievements.

This event was held for the first time at MTU, which sparked a very constructive debate among the participants. Moreover, lecturers claimed that this type of discussion is organized for the first time in the capital city of the country.

MTU organizes open debates in order to provide knowledge and expertise from IT professionals specializing in software development and technology for all students.