Skopje, 27.10.2023 – Today in the premises of the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, the Faculty of Social Sciences organized a panel discussion on the topic “Medical and social-psychological aspects of breast cancer” within the “Pink October” month.

This month is globally recognized as breast cancer awareness month. The opening speech was given by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, lecturer Diturije Ismaili, who emphasized that such activities are essential for raising awareness, especially in young age groups but not excluding all other age groups. She also shared with the students some important messages on the importance of raising awareness of the disease of breast cancer.

The activity was led by the vice-dean of the FSS, lecturer Elisabeta Bajrami Ollogu, who also spoke about the faculty’s initiatives to create continuous discussion forum where experts will always be invited to each of the activities planned for this academic year.

At the panel discussion was invited the oncologist Dr. Ilir Ismaili, who is an Oncology and Radiotherapy Specialist employed at the Oncology and Radiotherapy Clinical Center in Skopje, Breast Cancer Treatment Department. Doctor Ismaili shared with the attendees the statistics on the number of women and girls affected by breast cancer in RNM, as well as spoke extensively about the influencing factors, early prevention methods, diagnosis and medical treatment. He put special emphasis on prevention as the best way to reduce the risk of being affected by the disease. As a sign of gratitude, the doctor was awarded a certificate of appreciation by MTU.

In addition to medical treatment, lecturer Nita Beluli talked about the importance of psychological treatment and the need for psychological support for patients and their families, because those affected by the disease face great emotional difficulties from the moment of diagnosis and throughout treatment.

Lecturer Arta Xhelili from the field of communication, in her speech, focused on two aspects: the need for a professional, ethical and transparent communication with patients by doctors and also spoke about the importance of using the media as a tool for the development of campaigns breast cancer awareness.