London, England; July 3–5, 2024 – The Vice-Rector for Finance, Investments, and Development of Mother Teresa University in Skopje, Ass. Prof. Bujamin Bela, Ph.D., participated in the organization of GREEN MASTERCLASS financed by the European Union for Horizont Group 5 projects, an event that took place in London.

The purpose of the training was to stimulate and encourage the application of research and innovation projects in Horizon Europe, which are mainly related to the issues of mobility and climate change, as well as energy solutions.

Vice-Rector Bela also visited the Urban Transport Control Center in London and the research institutes. Representatives from many EU countries, such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, England, and Israel participated in the training.

The event promotes the need for cooperation between universities and academia, industry, and institutional public leaders from North Macedonia for inclusion in Horizon Europe projects for research and development.

The training was supported by the European Union and the UK Research and Innovation Center (UKRI).