Dear students!

Dear colleagues!

We have all experienced the end of the summer semester and the beginning of the exam deadlines in an unprecedented situation. The local and global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been so incredible and also so dangerous to our health.

Given its still unknown nature and while science is still studying this phenomenon, we should all be aware that the negative effects of the Coronavirus on our health depend most on ourselves. As a university community, we are convinced that only by implementing the recommendations of credible health institutions based on scientific methodologies and the world’s best professional practices can we stop the further spread of the pandemic and limit its harmfulness.

Seeing the unfavorable developments in the past days, on this occasion, I would like to emphasize the need to follow the official recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the procedures provided by the Classes and Exams Protocol, because only then can we contribute to preventing the spread of the pandemic and thus, many lives from our families and in general can be saved.

I also want to assure you that the professors and the administrative staff of the University will do their best to enable you as students to complete the cycle of your exams that will be conducted in the form we have chosen together. But here, too, you, as students and intellectuals, have a role to play in shaping the hope of this country, in making an individual contribution that is reflected in individual responsibility in respecting safeguards in the fight against the pandemic, both in university life and in the community.

I would like to remind you that no matter how difficult the situation may seem, and no matter how unsolvable the problem may seem, with joint work and faith, with individual responsibility and collective awareness, and by respecting the rules and scientific recommendations we can overcome this situation. We must believe that with the gained experience we will come out even stronger.


Lecturer Aziz Pollozhani, Ph.D.