On February, 25-26 2021, Accelerating Western Balkans University Modernization by Incorporating Virtual Technologies (VTech Project) organised a workshop on ‘Sharing Regional Findings on the Use of AR/VR in Teaching Methodologies’. Around 30 participants joined the meeting virtually from Balkan Countries and Europe. From Mother Teresa University participated Prof. Dr. Bekim Fetaji, Dr. Diturije Ismaili and Genti Reci, PhD cand.

In this workshop, regional results on the use of virtual technologies in Western Balkans were shared. Participants also discussed about future plans and activities related to VTech Project.

VTECH meeting_Tirana_2On the first day representatives of the Western Balkan countries shared their findings on the use of virtual technologies and all presentations were followed by discussions and questions providing to all partners a comprehensive overview on the use of VR teaching methodologies in the respective countries.

Ø Student’s Training 1 – Training of students in Programming VR Content

Ø Round Table 1 – hybrid introduction meeting with companies from industry which will train our students to participate in Hackaton.

Ø Student Training 2 – Training of students in Developing VR Content

Ø VTECH Open Days – hybrid meeting with partners and other stakeholders

Ø Hackaton competition on VR content programming for Education for all partners and other interested parties.