Skopje 14.09.2022 – Today, the Mother Teresa University in Skopje completed the research project “Anti-drones – an innovative concept for the detection, recognition and tracking of “killer drones” with testing at the “Stenkovec” training ground and with the presentation of the results on the premises of MTU. This project is part of the NATO program “Peace and Security’’, while MTU has carried it out over 3 years in cooperation with the National Laboratory of Radar and Surveillance Systems based in Pisa – Italy, and in partnership with the State University of North Kazakhstan in Petropavlovsk.

Rector Zeqiri during his opening speech, said that our participation in this research project as members of NATO is very important, also it is a great privilege for our university to participate in such a project therefore he is grateful to professors who participated in this project.

‘For 3 years, the MTU team has been actively involved and working in the Anti-Drone project, and has made a significant contribution to this project, especially in the field of drone recognition by processing optical data from the camera, and using one of the best real-time object recognition systems, have achieved excellent detection results of drones of different sizes and at different distances’ said rector Zeqiri.

Mr. Aleksandro Kanteli Forti Ph.D., the coordinator of the project, said that the technology used in the detection of drones can also be used for civil purposes such as customs, for the detection of water sources and resources, for weather forecasting and for many peaceful purposes.

The project coordinator from MTU, Professor Olivera Petrovska, said that it is very difficult to distinguish a peaceful drone from a hostile one, and for this purpose special devices and cameras are used on drones, and the radars can discover whether the drones are dangerous or not.

Italian professor Alberto Lupidi said that the three-year project with MTU has given excellent results in the detection of killer drones, and through the experiment it has been possible to distinguish peaceful drones from killer ones.

Professor Edmond Jajaga said that MTU part was to process the data coming from the drone and the radar, and in case the data showed that the drone is 85% lethal, we alert the base, and it is destroyed.

The two professors from Italy received a plaque of appreciation from the Rector of MTU. The MTU team consist of the following professors: Olivera Petrovska – coordinator; Edmond Jajaga; Blerand Ramadani; Veton Rushiti; Daniel Pavleski and Albina Muça.