Skopje, March 2023 – As one of the March events, dedicated to successful women employed at the university and in accordance with the Gender Equality Strategy, at “Mother Teresa” University was promoted a collection of poems “About a brief urban love that feared calling itself like that” written by the poet Elena Prendjova.

The promotion of the book was held in the ‘Omer Kaleshi’ Gallery in the presence of the colleagues, family members of the author, representatives from the embassies of France and Italy, as well as those who admire beautiful words.

The reviewer of the book, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi Ph.D., praised the author as a pioneer of the avant-garde poetry, while her poetry has a special value in modern multilingual poetry, a distinguished style, interesting subject, free and bold verse, language easily communicated with the reader and rich literary imagery.

‘I would say that Elena Prendjova is an innovative poet, a perfect master of combining great social thoughts with artistic images. She bravely travels through nine circles of urban love without prejudice, which leave an indelible impression,’ said Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi Ph.D.

During the promotion, the four translators of the book also had their remote presentations, Luccila Trapazzo who translated it in Italian, Matthew Murrie in English, Namita Subiotto in Slovenian, Katarina Fiamengo in Serbian. The poetic collection was also translated in Albanian language by the translator Daim Miftari.

The poetry of the author Elena Prendjova is a demonstration of poetry with the poet’s dissatisfaction with the old and the search for something new, avant-garde. The poetic language changed radically, the topics to be discussed are very diverse, unusual and innovative, trying to leave behind what is meaningless to the young man. Basically, it is a movement in which artists seek to leave the old and innovate in art and other fields.

During the promotion, the poem ‘Once we could build words’ was read in Macedonian by the author, in Italian by the representative of the Italian Embassy in Skopje, Mario de Rosa, and in Albanian by the translator at ‘Mother Teresa’ University, Brikena Kica.

“About a brief urban love that feared calling itself like that” is the ninth book written by the poet Elena Prendjova and it is published in six languages. She is the winner of six national and international awards, and participated in poetry festivals, slam-competitions and writer’s residencies in Albania, Hungary, Estonia, Serbia, Slovenia. Elena Prendjova lives in Skopje, and works at “Mother Teresa” University since 2019.