Kumanovo, 30.04.2023 – Students of the study program “Sports and Sports Sciences” of the Faculty of Social Sciences at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje on 30.04.2023 participated in the “Freedom March” activity in honor of the martyrs, the 22nd anniversary of the declaration of the free zone of Karadak.

The march was organized by the “Karadaku” Mountaineering Association and included walking the Sllupçan-Runica-Pishat-Sllupçan distance and visiting the martyrs’ cemeteries in the village of Sllupçan.

The students who participated in this activity were accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Diturije Ismaili Ph.D., lecturer Yllka Cemena, Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. Sedat Baftiu and Arlinda Selimi as part of the administrative staff.