The Prorector of “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, Bekim Fetaji, Ph.D. and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sunaj Raimi, Ph.D., as well as the Member of the Senate, Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D. participated in the Second Conference of the Albanian Public Universities on the topic: “Albanian Public Universities Facing the Challenges of the European Higher Education Area”.

The conference was organized by the “Fan S. Noli” University of Korça, held in Veskopoja on March 6–7.

The conference was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Albania, Oltion Rrumbullaku, and by the Deputy Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Xhavit Rexhaj, as well as the Rectors, Pro-Rectors, Deans, Senators and several lecturers from all Albanian Universities and Albanian-speaking territories.

In the name of the Rector of the “Mother Teresa” University, Aziz Pollozhani, Ph.D., the Prorector Bekim Fetaji, Ph.D. expressed gratitude and respect to the Rector of the “Fan S. Noli” University of Korça, Ali Jashari, Ph.D. and gave him a plaque of a mosaic of Mother Teresa.

Moreover, at the conference, a Declaration for cooperation with all Albanian Universities was signed.

The Declaration is attached to the link below:çe.docx.pdf