Skopje, March 2023 – The Department for Labor and Social Policy at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje marked the March 8 – International Women’s Day with a joint activity with the Association of Women Affirmation.

The activity was organized by the coordinator of the Department for Labor and Social Policy, Lecturer Nita B. Luma Ph.D., in collaboration with the department’s students, Anesa Mani, Majlinda Salihu, Merita Pajaziti and Nermine Dardhishta, who aimed to analyze the situation of women in the past and now, while the analysis included the Albanian woman and her position in North Macedonia. Moreover, a presentation was given by the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Lecturer Diturije Ismaili Ph.D., and also by professor of English language, Lecturer Ajshe Emini Ph.D.

Rector of MTU, Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., during his speech said that MTU constantly implements policies of fair representation without gender distinction, emphasizing that women have a decisive role in the creation of policies. He pointed out that women at MTU have leading positions such as: the president of the Senate, the general secretary, deans, etc. In addition to that, women include 40% of the academic staff, 21 of them are doctors of science, also within administrative staff women constitute nearly half of total number of employees.

In this event was invited the Head of the Association of Women Affirmation, Mrs. Ajgyl Sulejman, who discussed about the activities undertaken with the aim of advancing women in the country.

In this event participated employees of MTU and a significant number of students and in the end all the participants received flowers as a symbol of March 8.