Today, “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje organized the promotion of the book “Peace, Love, Freedom”, a publication in Albanian language of the Liberal Alternative Institute, which was represented by Ms. Minire Ceka.

Director of the Center for Academic Publications and the Library at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, Mustafa Ibrahimi Ph.D., welcomed the representatives of this institute, while he said that this publication will enrich the MTU library with the writings of many American authors.

Ms. Ceka said that the book includes essays by well-known American authors, such as: Steven Pinker, Robert McCdonald, Radley Balka, Emmanuel Martin, Erik Gartyke, Willfred Oden and many other authors, who provide evidence and arguments for peace, and they rely on the disciplines of psychology, economics, political science, history, law, sociology, moral philosophy, poetry, literature and aesthetics.

In the promotion participated Bejane Alili who is responsible for the student magazine “Studenti”, and she added that the essays included in the book provide additional information for students who are part of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The book “Peace, Love, Freedom” promotes peace and the avoidance of violence, at all costs, and offers peace as an alternative to the use of force.