Today, in the library of MTU, some of the books of the author, prof. Xhemaludin Idrizi, a retired university professor, were donated to the University’s library by the professor himself. Prof. Idrizi stated that it was his wish that MTU students also have access to his books.

The head of the MTU library, Lecturer Mustafa Ibrahimi, Ph.D., on behalf of the employees and students of MTU, expressed gratitude to the author, prof. Xhemaludin Idrizi, for the donated books to the MTU library, titled:

1. Mikrotoponimia e Karshiakës së Shkupit (2003) – 3 copies
2. Mikrotoponimia e Dervenit të Shkupit (2019) – 4 copies
3. Përmbledhje studimesh në fushë të Albanologjisë (2020) – 5 copies
4. Përralla popullore shqipe të Karshiakës së Shkupit (2020) – 5 copies

The works enrich the library fund and help develop the educational and research process of MTU students and academic staff.