Skopje, 15 June 2021 – Considering the importance of cooperation with Albanian communities in the diaspora, “Mother Teresa” University has signed a cooperation agreement with “The Center for Research and Publications on the Arbëresh”. MTU appreciates the contribution of the Arbëresh community in preserving the language, traditions and Albanian cultural heritage without having a continuous connection with the country of origin; also, the promotion, interaction and coordination of scientific studies, including academic and researchers in the Albanian and Arbëresh regions.

The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the Rector of UNT, Prof. Dr. Aziz Pollozhani and the Director of QSPA, Mrs. Diana Kastrati. The purpose of this Agreement is to promote cooperation between the two institutions for the exchange of expertise, collective studies and research on the history and culture of the Arbëresh community, for cultural and historical connection between the Arbëresh community of South Italy and the Arbëresh of Zadar in Croatia.

The parties will cooperate with each other in studies on the history and culture of the Arbëresh community. Furthermore, they will jointly organize different activities and participate in scientific conferences inside and outside the country; also, they will create working groups for application in different projects and will have mutual book promotions with a focus on the Arbëresh community.