Kosovo/Prizren, November 18, 2022 – A memorandum of cooperation was signed between Mother Teresa University in Skopje, presented by the Rector, Lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph.D., and Ukshin Hoti University in Prizren, led by the Rector, Asst. Prof. Samedin Krabai, Ph.D., to strengthen cooperation in science, technology, and education.

The memorandum aims to create a framework for cooperation in science, technology, and education. The act comes as a response to global and regional challenges through shared experience and complementary capacities, as well as to generate and shar new knowledge and developing products and innovative services.

Rector Zeqiri, on behalf of MTU, thanked the rector of Ukshin Hoti University, Asst. Prof. Samedin Krabai, Ph.D., by donating the official logo of our university as a sign of gratitude and for bringing the two universities together.

Cooperation between the two universities is to be developed in philology, information sciences, law, agribusiness, environmental sciences, and economics. Moreover, the mechanisms and forms of cooperation are to be implemented in joint scientific instructions for master and doctoral studies by organizing practical workshops, symposia, and conferences of common interest in the field of science, technology, and education, as well as the development and implementation of joint educational programs, bilateral agreements, and scientific research projects.