Tetovo, 11.04.2023 – Fourth-year students of the Department for Labor and Social Policy, together with lecturer Nita B. Luma, Ph.D., visited the Autism Center “Fly for life” in Tetovo on the occasion of Autism Awareness Month.  

The visit was carried out in three groups, which in rotation developed three activities separately in separate classrooms. At first, students saw a video referring to autism awareness by prominent figures, as well as activities and conferences developed by the autism center in question. Secondly, students watched through a two-way mirror room how a therapy is conducted live; while in the end the students got to know the children of the center and together with the help of the students, they left their handprints on the fabric which the center gave us to mark this activity. 

In the end, the whole group of students joined the group therapy room to give gifts to the children, which they had prepared with great enthusiasm.