Skopje, 18.10.2023 – Today at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, in the presence of academic staff, guests and students, was successfully carried out the promotion of the book “Ekonomiksi 19e”, by the authors Paul A. Samuelson and William D. Nordhaus, translated and adapted by Avdullah Hoti Ph.D.

The host of the event, rector of MTU Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., welcomed the participants to the new university campus and congratulated Avdullah Hoti Ph.D. for this very significant dedication to the translation and adaptation of the book titled “Ekonomiksi 19e” in the Albanian language by world-renowned authors Paul A. Samuelson and William D. Nordhaus, and expressed special gratitude for this very dedicated commitment as a guiding book in these times of crisis.

Pro-Rector for Finance, Investments and Development Bujamin Bela, Ph.D., the moderator of this book promotion and as a panelist, said that ‘this book is a fairly complete presentation in terms of economic theory and practice. It is a book used by students, professionals and young researchers in (post)university studies. It is a great contribution for the new generations of economists, but also for those who wish to update their economic knowledge. The reader finds the best economic opinion on how the market works, what is the relationship between the individual, the family and the enterprise with the market and what countries should do to improve the standard of living of their citizens’, said pro-rector Bela.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics at MTU, Bukurie Imeri Jusufi, Ph.D., said that ‘the translation of this work by the professor of macroeconomics, Avdullah Hoti, is a great contribution for the new generations of economists, but also for those who wish to improve their economic knowledge. This work, translated into the Albanian language, is at the service of all universities in the Albanian speaking countries where students study economy sciences and business, also for Albanians in the diaspora and state institutions to understand the logic and functioning of the economy’, added professor Imeri Jusufi.

The author of the book Avdullah Hoti, Ph.D., expressed his gratitude to the “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje for this great organization, as well as thanked all those present for attending the book promotion. Professor Hoti, among other things, said that ‘for more than half a century, this book has served as a standard setter for the teaching of economics in America and around the world. Consequently, it is among the rare books that has been continuously updated, has moved with the times and preceded economic and social developments. I am glad that it is now available to our students who study in Albanian language. From the first edition to this 19th edition, it is clearly seen how the science of economics has evolved, as a result of global economic developments’, – said Avdullah Hoti, Ph.D.

In addition to that, Avdullah Hoti also discussed the issues of Albanian higher education in the Balkans, where he said that “we must move towards the creation of the “Albanian Higher Education Area”, as an area where science and research are promoted, which are

competitors in region and Europe. According to some general statistics, today the “Albanian Higher Education Area” consists of about 250 thousand students, with over 100 institutions of higher education in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. In the field of economics, in all study programs, are enrolled around 40 thousand students, which is a very large number and promises a lot to advance the quality of higher education in line with European trends,’ said Avdullah Hoti, Ph.D.

The book “Ekonomiksi 19e” was published by the Publishing House “Educational Center Kosova” and is current, relevant and continues to set the standard, as an introduction to the principles of modern economics.