Skopje, December 2023 – Faculty of Social Sciences at MTU in cooperation with National Union of the Blind of Republic of North Macedonia organized a Panel Discussion to raise awareness about the recognition of the psychological and health challenges of people with disabilities.

Asst. Prof. Nita Beluli Luma, coordinator of the Department of Psychology, as well as the moderator of this panel, opened the discussion by emphasizing the importance of inclusiveness of people with different abilities in our society, based on equal opportunities and social rights for all human beings, regardless physical or psychological limitations.

The dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Diturije Ismaili Ph.D., in her speech emphasized the importance of supporting these individuals so that they can develop their full potential.

Asst. Prof. Mirlinde Bilalli, the panelist of this panel discussion, gave more detailed explanations on what disability represents and what are the most prominent barriers for individuals with special needs, sharing with the attendees some important recommendations.

The attendees gave special attention to the guest of this panel, Mr. Zejno Bajrami, who is a person with disabilities, and shared with the audience message through his stories that a person who has a will is never limited, as long as he lives with the motto “I can do it too”.

After all the elaborations by the panelists, and attendees interactivity, the MTU students unanimously gave the message that helping to integrate these individuals into society is the most effective form of awareness.