Skopje, December 27, 2023 – At a modest New Year’s celebration, Mother Teresa University in Skopje, in the presence of the employees, guests, and the media, thanked the donors, whose funds contributed to the adaptation of three MTU buildings, which were badly damaged.

MTU rector, Lecturer Izet Zeqiri, Ph.D., stated that the guests present were very special persons, who spared neither time nor funds to help consolidate the teaching spaces, such as the multifunctional facility with 5 classrooms, the university library, and the administration offices, as well as the facility with 32 offices for the MTU employees.

“We will award recognition to Mr. Mendi Qyra, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia; Muarem Murtezanin, owner of Alma M company; Bajram Imeri, owner of Eftinija Impex company; Mexhait Shaini, owner of Tempo Profile 99 company; Besir Dernjani, director of Albiz Foundation; and Rufat Sherif, CEO of Axis Foundation, with whom we will soon completely renovate the university library,” stated Rector Zeqiri, adding that without the help of these generous people, this investment would not have been realized.

After receiving the awards, the businessmen pointed out that they are happy to have contributed to the consolidation of the MTU premises, as it is expected to produce the professional staff needed for the labor market.

Rector Zeqiri briefly informed the audience about the achievements in 2023 as well as about the plans for the upcoming 2024, thanking everyone who believed in MTU, above all its students, lecturers, and administrative staff, as well as its friends who are partners in every step of the development.

Today, facility B, or the multifunctional facility with 5 classrooms and a university library, as well as facility C, consisting of 32 offices for lecturers and administrative staff, with an investment of over 150,000 EUR, were officially put into use.

From October on, MTU continued the academic year in the new facilities, where only the main facility was renovated, after taking ownership of the facilities from the former Ilinden barracks, a plot with an area of 50,000 m2, and with nearly 8,000 m2 of workspace.