Skopje, 07.02.2024 – Students of “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje from the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Faculty of Economics together with the Rector Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., and the Deans: Assoc. Prof. Neritan Turkeshi and Assoc. Prof. Bukurie Imeri Jusufi, made a detailed study visit as well as closely followed success stories and advice from the head of Alma M company, Mr. Muarem Murtezani.

In the lecture of the head of the company, scientific advice for MTU students was also given by the rector Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., with the aim of motivating and reaching the goals of their career during their studies.

In the elaborations of the work development of different sectors, the students had the opportunity to hear from the human resources manager at the Alma M company, Mr. Risto Mitrev, where he specifically explained how this company’s products deliver on time and in good quality.

The head of the company Mr. Murtezani, in his success story before the students of Customs, freight- forwarding and insurance and the students of Economics, had a very constructive lecture, motivating them on how to overcome the obstacles by setting pure purpose in the priorities of life with full confidence and a concrete plan in action.

During this meeting the students asked questions and disscused about problems and solutions. In addition to that, Mr. Muaremi offered to the student the opportunity to complete their practical work in this company. 

Today, Alma-M has hundreds of employees, numerous ultra-modern warehouses of over 5,000 square meters and administration space of over 2,000 square meters. Many times, it has been declared the company of the year by the Economic Chambers, while it is constantly on the top list of successful companies in the country.