Skopje, 24.04.2023 – The “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, within the framework of the “Jean Monnet EUFutur” project, organized a lecture on the topic: “The beginning of negotiations for the membership of North Macedonia in the European Union” where the lecturer was Mrs. Drita Abdiu – Halili, State Secretary in the Secretariat for European Affairs.

Mrs. Drita Abdiu – Halili informed the students of MTU about the process of negotiations for membership in the European Union, which for the Republic of North Macedonia means the completion of the process and the complete training of the institutions of the Republic of Macedonia for effective operation according to the model of operation of Union Institutions.

The State Secretary in the Secretariat for European Affairs said that this project is developed with a fast dynamic, and it requires a complete preparation of all segments of state bodies, institutions and structures, available to realize a more effective coordination that would lead to a more effective and successful implementation of negotiations.

Drita Abdiu-Halili said that for each candidate country, a so-called intergovernmental conference is established, which is realized through a decision of the Council of the European Union, in which the details related to the organization are defined, also the setting, the formation of the secretariat, covering the expenses for the necessary meetings.

The biggest and most difficult part of the work, according to her, is the coordination or the preparation of negotiators’ positions, which is carried out at the level of working groups and which actually represents work activity between extended working groups from the EU Council and working groups from the candidate country that is preparing for talks in certain areas and related to the country’s membership in the European Union.

The coordinators of the project, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at MTU, Diturije Ismaili Ph.D., and lecturer Drenusha Kamberi Ph.D., said that the project aims to promote citizenship and active values of the EU among different population groups in all the countries included in the Balkans, while the Deputy Chief Negotiator with European Union, Drita Abdiu Halili, the most relevant authority in the country is responsible for the EU membership process.

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at MTU, Diturije Ismaili Ph.D., thanked the State Secretary in the Secretariat for European Affairs, Drita Abdiu – Halili, for the lecture and on behalf of the rector of MTU, lecturer Izet Zeqiri Ph.D., she received an acknowledgement.