Skopje, 18 August 2021- Below is the full press release of the Institute for Migration, Mobility and Welfare (IMMW) at MTU.

Dear all,

For several days, the public opinion in the country and beyond is shocked by the sad scenes from Kabul airport. Undoubtedly, the world, but also our region, is facing a new phase of disintegration in the so-called “Asian Balkans”. This unpleasant situation, with many unknowns for the future, may be improved with a cooperation, solidarity and understanding of many relevant factors in the world.

Thankfully, our government expressed humanity, commitment and loyalty to our allies and strategic partners in order to avoid possible tragic consequences of the innocent population of Afghanistan.

The Institute for Migration, Mobility and Welfare (IMMW) at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, taking into account the global movement from many aspects, considers the phenomenon of migration as a priority of studies and scientific research, as it estimates that it will be characteristic of the current century.

The Kabul tragedy is a special case but the phenomenon of migration and the challenges in dealing with it will be a known topic in this region and in our country. Contexts and moments that affect the displacement of people are and will be specific but the migration of the population will be a phenomenon that will challenge us now and in the future.

The Institute for Migration, Mobility and Welfare (IMMW) at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, takes the opportunity to compliment on the government activities and to appeal to the population for understanding. We believe that an adequate institutional treatment with a sense of empathy and understanding would honor our country and enable it to deal successfully with this situation.

IMMW and the academic staff of MTU are open for cooperation and in this context to support activities for easier control of this situation.