Jeta Jashari, a student who studies Textile, Design and Modeling at the Faculty of Technological Sciences at “Mother Teresa’’ University in Skopje, was presented as one of the best fashion designers in the fashion show “MUSEUM COMPETITION” organized by the Union of Albanian Municipalities in Tirana.

In this project the participants were required to combine the traditional with the modern and this experience will serve them as a connection with the fashion industry therefore the projects built with dedication and perseverance will reflect on their future.

In addition to that, the 3rd year student Jeta Jashari, has been selected in the group of ten best finalists of the second phase, from 350 participants from all Albanian speaking countries, while last night she represented North Macedonia, in particular Skopje and “Mother Teresa” University, with her excellent work.

MTU congratulates the student Jeta Jashari for her achievements so far, and wishes her success in the next study and professional challenges.