A group of Mother Teresa University in Skopje students, from the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences, participated in a two-day workshop mentored by Assoc. Prof. Kaltrina Zekolli Shaqiri, Ph.D., as part of the Migration and Youth project, implemented by the Network of Women in Science and the Community Investment Platform (CIP), funded by the European Union and supported by the Albiz Foundation. The implementer of the Network of Women in Science in the city of Skopje, in the premises of the Youth Community Center – Chair (YCCC), organized a two-day workshop with participants aged 18-25.

The students had the opportunity to see the indications up close and to discover a lot about the migration that has taken over our country at an accelerated pace in recent years.

The first workshop was held on November 30, 2023 by Assoc. Prof. Ardita Abduli Reka, Ph.D., who spoke in detail about the migration of young people, the reasons and factors of migration, its preventive measures, and, with the participants, analyzed the statistical data on migration over the years, officially confirmed by the State Agency for Statistics.

The second workshop was held on December 1, 2023 by Assoc. Prof. Kaltrina Zekolli Shaqiri, Ph.D., who developed interactive training with the participants to strengthen the capacities of the young people in the Republic of North Macedonia, focusing on several important points, such as the development of individual capacities and the promotion of the private sector as a good opportunity for youth employment.