Skopje, 04.12.2023 – The Pro-Rector for Finance and Investments Bujamin Bela Ph.D., at “Mother Teresa” University in Skopje, with a group of students from the Economic, Social and Technical Faculty attended the debate on the National Strategy for the next 20 years.

In this debate, the topic of discussion was “Stable and competitive economy (innovations, entrepreneurship, integrated economy and workforce, career development, export structures, economic zones, FDI, mobility, etc.)”.

Pro-Rector Bela and the students of MTU had the opportunity to engage in activity on the above-mentioned topic discussing many issues that belong to society in our country such as: sustainable local and regional development (regional disparities, capital infrastructure, functional fiscal municipality); demographic revitalization and cultural and social development (balance between professional and family obligations, management of external and internal migrations, investments in technology in public health, legal and social protection, sustainable pension system, active aging, standardization of formal education with international standards).

In this debate, students had the opportunity to discuss the rule of law and good leadership (policies and standards adapted to EU regulations, political parties and democratic processes, independent judiciary, transparency and inclusiveness, selection of officials according to merit and performance, media with integrity, fight against corruption, environmental protection, multiculturalism and others).