Civil Engineering / Structural

Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Study Program: Civil Engineering / Structural
Cycle: Master
ECTS credits: 120


Our Master program lasts two years, four semesters. Students with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering or a degree from a similar faculty will be considered for application. Good knowledge of the English language is essential.

The graduated Masters of Civil Engineering, will have the necessary knowledge to face important engineering challenges like:

  •           successfully completing project analysis and design tasks for buildings and other civil infrastructure systems according to national and European standards,
  •           supervision and management of construction works on site
  •           management of various project design stages of engineering structures, and
  •           Perform successfully on team collaborative works both on office and construction site

02.ANG. - FAN.N.2016 - PasqyraLëndëveSemestrale- Cycle 2-1