received_10154590142107884-200x300Dear students,

Respected lecturers of “Mother Teresa” University,

‘… and the light of knowledge will advance us.’


We are on the verge of a great day where we will all be witnessing the start of the work of the newest University in Albanian language in Skopje, University “Mother Teresa”.

This event marks a joyful moment for all of us, given the engagement and sacrifice of entire intellectual generations, but not only, for teaching in Albanian language in the Republic of Macedonia. The history of university education in Albanian language in this country is as painful as it is glorious, which makes us responsible for maintaining, developing and advancing this mission to its highest peaks.

The University of Tetovo and the South East European University have made a valuable contribution to the education, emancipation and the overall socioeconomic and cultural development of Albanians in Macedonia. They contributed to raising our collective awareness a step forward in education. These two universities prepared the Albanian intellectual minds for a new challenge, that is to face the process of integration and globalization that we are encountering today and also in the future. University “Mother Teresa” in Skopje will empower these achievements and will give a new dimension to the legitimate aspirations of the younger generations.

Aware that we are living in an era of technological development, digitalization, mass communication, as well as the professional management of the connections with various regional and global institutions, the Albanian intelligence, our precious youth, came together to withstand this challenge. The establishment of an educational and scientific center, such as “Mother Theresa” University in Skopje, which will deal with the study of these sciences, will not only fulfill a long-standing will, but by utilizing the most favorable conditions offered by the capital city, we look forward to creating comparative advantages to our students towards others.

To this end, the management of the University, the lecturers and all other factors, who are proud of being the initiators of this noble idea, but also aware of historical and moral responsibilities, will put all the potentials at your disposal and will create optimal conditions so that you have the most qualitative  educational process. Our mission is that our students graduate from our university inspired and prepared to build and improve their future. We hope that our students succeed in becoming leaders in their respective fields and present new visions for the society. For us, the main goal will be the elevation of the student into a well-formed individual.

Although we are very enthusiastic and optimistic, we are well acquainted with the history of education in Albanian language, so we are aware that this University will also have challenges in the beginning. However, with our commitment, with the support of the respective factors responsible for providing the conditions and with your understanding, we are confident that we will be able to be at the level of duty of our joint mission, to enable qualitative studies and warm and friendly university environment. We are confident that with our work and dedication we will succeed, not only to increase our collective values but also to honor the name and the deeds of Gonxhe Bojaxhiu – Mother Teresa, whose name honors our University.

Our doors are open, welcome to Your University!

Wishing you good luck and great success!

Acting Rector

Prof. dr. Azis K.Pollozhani

University “Mother Teresa” – Skopje