Punimet Shkencore

Nr. Autor Titulli i punimit shkencor Linku
1 Aleksander S.Dimovski, Claus Brabrand, Andrzej Wasowski Variability abastractions for lifted analyses Kliko 
2 Aleksander S.Dimovski Abstract family- based model checking using modal featured transition systems: Preservation of CTL Kliko 
3 Aleksander S.Dimovski Variability Abstraction and Refinement for Game-Based Lifted Model Checking of Full CTL Kliko 
4 Aleksander S.Dimovski Verification of high-level transformations with inductive refinement types Kliko 
5 Aleksander S.Dimovski Finding suitable variability abstractions for lifted analysis Kliko 
6 Aleksander S.Dimovski On defining a model driven architecture for an enterprise e-health system Kliko 
7 Isak idrizi and Zekirija Idrizi An Innovative Seismic Protection System for Conventional RC Buildings Kliko 
8 Isak idrizi and Zekirija Idrizi Comparative Study between Waffle and Solid Slab Systems in Terms of Economy and Seismic Performance of a Typical 14-Story RC Building Kliko 
9 Isak idrizi and Zekirija Idrizi Hydropower Energy Source Combining with Other Renewables in the Teritory of Kosova Kliko 
10 Isak idrizi and Zekirija Idrizi Probability Theory Use in Hydrology (Sitnica River Shed) Kliko 
11 Isak idrizi and Zekirija Idrizi Utilization of IDRIZI Wall System on Building Structures—Characteristic Study Case Kliko 
12 Isak idrizi and Zekirija Idrizi Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Walls Kliko 
13 Isak idrizi and Zekirija Idrizi IDRIZI Infill Wall System for Seismic Protection of Residential Buildings Kliko